What is your Question? 


> What is GED?
GED (General Educational Development) is open education system in USA. It was introduced by American Council on Education. It was introduced with the aim of bringing people in the main stream of higher education. There are five subjects to appear in the exam.
– Language Arts                  – Social Study
– Science                              – Math
> What are the eligibility criteria for GED course?
The candidate should be at least 17 (16 Special case) years old and completed School Leaving Certificate.

> What does it mean to “pass” the GED test?

The GED has a passing score of 145 on each test subject. You will need to score at least 145 on each part and a total score of 580 on four subjects.

Passing Score: 145-200
> What is recognition of course? 
It is equivalent to High School Diploma in United States of America. Over 98 percent of universities and US, colleges accept GED graduates who meet their other qualifications for admission. Universities in many other countries also recognize it for admission.

> Where the examination is held?
The examination held in Authorized Test centers in BD.
> When the examination is held?
The examination is held throughout the year. We recommend to prepare at least for 6 months prior to sitting in the examination.
> What are the facilities for the exam? 
Before sitting in the exam students can sit in the sample test. If he/she secures better marks then they can sit in GED test.

> What is the cost for the course? 
The course fees are as follows:
Admin, Books, Lecture and Processing: BDT. 18,000 /-
Tuition fee: NO
* Exam Registration fees will be as per GED policy total 240 USD in BDT 23,000/.

> When admission will be open? 
Admission will be open strictly in limited seats so students need to admit provisionally, so they shouldn’t face disappointment.

> Why GED Academy EDUCATION?

Quality educational delivery is our basic motto to attain the educational goal of the students wishing to come in the main stream of education. We believe “Education is for opportunities to all”

> How is the GED test format? 
The GED test has four content areas. Each content area test can be scheduled and taken separately. The four tests are as follows:
The Reasoning Through Language Arts test is 150 minutes long with 3 sections:
-Section 1 (35 minutes*) tests all content
-Section 2 (45 minutes) is the Extended Response portion of the test
-Break (10 minutes)
-Section 3 (60 minutes*) tests all content

The Mathematical Reasoning test is one 112-minute section.
-Part 1 – (first 5 – 7 questions) calculators prohibited
-Part 2 – (remaining test questions) calculators allowed
The Social Studies test is 70 minutes long in one section.
The Science test is 90 minutes long and is one section

> What type of questions should I expect?


The RLA test focuses on three grouping of skills:
The ability to read closely
The ability to write clearly
The ability to edit and understand the use of standard written English in context
Mathematical Reasoning Test focuses on two major content domains:
Quantitative problem solving (45%)
Algebraic problem solving (55%)
The different item types used in the test include
Multiple Choice Drag-and-drop
Hot spot Fill-in-the-blank

The Science Test covers three major content domains:
Life Science (40%)
Physical Science (40%)
Earth and Space Science (20%)
The content topics focus on science that reflects both what is taught in many high school –level science courses and that which is most relevant and useful. There are several different item types used in the test, including:
Multiple Choice Drag-and-drop
Hot spot Fill-in-the-blank


The Social Studies Test covers four major content domains:
US Civics and government (50%)
US history (20%)
Economics (15%)
Geography and the world (15%)
> How can I decide if I am ready to take the GED Tests?
It is a good idea to take the Official GED Practice Tests (we are arrange it) before taking the actual GED Tests. Comparing your Practice Test scores with the minimum scores required will help you decide whether you are ready to take the full-length GED Tests. If your scores are high, you have a good chance of passing the GED Tests. If your Practice Test scores are low, you will probably need further study in one or more subject areas.

> What computer skills do I need?
Computer skills are not required to take the computer-based GED Tests. To ensure that you are comfortable at the keyboard, you will complete a tutorial before beginning the exam. The tutorial teaches you how to use a mouse, enter a response, review, mark, and move on to the next question. Refer to page 27 of this bulletin for tutorial screen shots.

> What to do on the Test Day?
Report to the test center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time for check-in procedures. If you arrive 30 minutes past the scheduled start time, you may not be admitted and your fees will be forfeited. When you arrive at the test center be prepared to present proper identification (ID). You must have acceptable and valid identification (ID) to be admitted to a test center. Your ID must bear your name as given at the time of registration, your signature, date of birth to verify that you are at least 17 years old, and a recent, recognizable photograph. If the supervisor questions your ID, be prepared to present a second ID bearing your signature and either a photograph or a physical description.
Acceptable forms of ID include:
– Passport
Or, Photo-bearing driver’s license with signature
Or, National ID card
Or, Photo-bearing employee ID card